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We have been blessed!

WE ARE PREGNANT! I can not believe it and I could not be more happy! We have been trying, wanting, and praying for this for about 18 months now and for it to be real just boggles my mind. Not everyone knows how hard this has been, and I've kept a lot of it bottled up and its been hard, but I want to write this all down and remember how much I want this baby. I've had health problems for the past year that have kept me from losing weight and most importantly getting pregnant. My dr was ready to start fertility treatments with me next month, but I knew we would never have the money to be able to do that. So I settled and was happy just to have our little family of 3, which I love more than anything! After I was sure I wasnt going to get pregnant I was planning my life with Hailey in school and different volunteer things I have been wanting to do. God is so funny sometimes with the way he makes things work out! Getting all of the foster care stuff together has been a lot harder t…

1st day of many 1st days

As many of you know, Hailey started preschool this week. This was a big transition for us, bigger for me than her I think :) We were lucky enough to go on a final mini vacation the days before school (but we will save that for another blog.) Mike just got some more vacation days so I was lucky enough to have him take off work and join me in taking our baby to school. Yes, I still same baby.. and she will always be my baby.. even when she has babies of her own. This is an argument we get into often.. she insists she's a big girl.. I insist she's my baby. I did NOT want to go alone on her first day, I would have been the mom sobbing the walk back her car.
We dropped Hailey off, took lots of pictures and headed to starbucks.. it was the longest 3 hours of my life! I couldnt help to think of what my baby was doing, what she was learning, if she'd gotten into trouble yet, if she'd made friends and most importantly if she was having fun. I want this to be a good experie…

The Happiest Place on Earth!

I can not believe it has taken me 4 weeks to write this! But I want to make sure I write this now because I want to remember as much as I can! So... if you're not up for reading a long post today.. stop now haha! On May 19 we left for Florida to take Hailey to Disney World.. but Mike doesn't want me to forget that this was also his first time! Maryland weather wasn't so nice so to arrive in sunny Florida with Mickey Mouse could not have came at a better time! We had every hour of every day planned out.. not much time for rest or relaxation, but it was well worth it. The first day was probably my favorite day. I had envisioned Hailey walking into Magic Kingdom and just lighting up when she saw Cinderellas castle, mind you she had been talking about seeing the castle for months, well.... this didn't go exactly as planned. On the bus ride from the hotel to Magic Kingdom Hailey passed out, Im not talking little cat nap.. I mean could not wake her up she was so tired pa…

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give"

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something"

We've been thinking a lot lately about "dreams." We all have dreams as we are growing up. My dreams have always been pretty simple; get married, have babies, and be fortunate enough to help those in need. I've gotten married, I've had a baby.. hopefully we will have more, and I've always done what I can to help friends and family. But lately I've been having this urge to do more. I'm not fortunate enough to have loads of money to give to charities or those less fortunate, but I do have other ways of helping. Soooo.... after much consideration and conversations late at night we have decided to do foster care! I know what some of you are thinking.. Im crazy! And that may be true... but I couldn't be more excited about it! This is a special type of foster care that only cares for newborn babies from the time they leave the hospital until they get adopted. Normally you will have…


After a lot of thought and consideration we've decided to enroll Hailey in preschool! This is not an easy decision for me, because I love being with her all day everyday but its just another stepping stone for the both of us. This will be the first of many! It is a christian preschool that is connected to the Lutheran church just down the road. Mike, Hailey and I got to meet with a few of the teachers, the secretary and the Pastor and I had good feelings from everyone there. Hailey got a tour of the school and she didn't want to leave! She loved all of the crafts and toys in every classroom. When we went back to the office to sign her up she was begging to go to the classroom with the teachers.. that made me feel good. She will be going Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12. This will give me a chance to do the things at home that normally take time away from her so the rest of the day I can devote my time and attention to her, because that's what I want to do anyways! Wi…

Happy Anniversary!

Wow, can you believe we've been married 2 years?!?! I sure cant! I'm starting to realize that time is really my enemy. Just means that we are getting older and hopefully wiser :) When I was younger and would think about marriage, anniversary's, valentines day, and all of those other days that are supposed to be romantic I always thought I'd be going on vacations or candlelit dinners or something equally enjoyable. Well, to my surprise, our "romantic" evening tonight will consist of cuddling on the couch, maybe ordering a pizza and watching a movie together.. and I couldn't ask for anything more! Here's to many more years!