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1st day of many 1st days

As many of you know, Hailey started preschool this week. This was a big transition for us, bigger for me than her I think :) We were lucky enough to go on a final mini vacation the days before school (but we will save that for another blog.) Mike just got some more vacation days so I was lucky enough to have him take off work and join me in taking our baby to school. Yes, I still same baby.. and she will always be my baby.. even when she has babies of her own. This is an argument we get into often.. she insists she's a big girl.. I insist she's my baby. I did NOT want to go alone on her first day, I would have been the mom sobbing the walk back her car.
We dropped Hailey off, took lots of pictures and headed to starbucks.. it was the longest 3 hours of my life! I couldnt help to think of what my baby was doing, what she was learning, if she'd gotten into trouble yet, if she'd made friends and most importantly if she was having fun. I want this to be a good experience for the both of us!
After a looong 3 hours we headed back to pick her up. I think when we saw eachother it was the biggest smile I had to see her since I met her 3 years ago! I was so excited to see my baby and to hear about her day. She gave us big hugs and told us how much fun she had. When other kids were handing their mommys and daddys pictures they had colored I asked where Haileys was.. she told me she didnt want to color, she wanted to play instead.. oh dear.
We got into the car and played the question game. If there was a question to be asked about her day, I asked it! I asked if any of the kids cried when their parents left, she told me "no, but I cried." I kind of laughed it off because I didnt believe her, but she insisted she did. I finally asked her why she cried and she told me "I needed you!, duh!" We all laughed,and my heart was full. Even a big girl needs their mommy, and I need her just as much :)


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