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We have been blessed!

WE ARE PREGNANT! I can not believe it and I could not be more happy! We have been trying, wanting, and praying for this for about 18 months now and for it to be real just boggles my mind. Not everyone knows how hard this has been, and I've kept a lot of it bottled up and its been hard, but I want to write this all down and remember how much I want this baby. I've had health problems for the past year that have kept me from losing weight and most importantly getting pregnant. My dr was ready to start fertility treatments with me next month, but I knew we would never have the money to be able to do that. So I settled and was happy just to have our little family of 3, which I love more than anything! After I was sure I wasnt going to get pregnant I was planning my life with Hailey in school and different volunteer things I have been wanting to do. God is so funny sometimes with the way he makes things work out! Getting all of the foster care stuff together has been a lot harder t…