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The Happiest Place on Earth!

I can not believe it has taken me 4 weeks to write this! But I want to make sure I write this now because I want to remember as much as I can! So... if you're not up for reading a long post today.. stop now haha! On May 19 we left for Florida to take Hailey to Disney World.. but Mike doesn't want me to forget that this was also his first time! Maryland weather wasn't so nice so to arrive in sunny Florida with Mickey Mouse could not have came at a better time! We had every hour of every day planned out.. not much time for rest or relaxation, but it was well worth it. The first day was probably my favorite day. I had envisioned Hailey walking into Magic Kingdom and just lighting up when she saw Cinderellas castle, mind you she had been talking about seeing the castle for months, well.... this didn't go exactly as planned. On the bus ride from the hotel to Magic Kingdom Hailey passed out, Im not talking little cat nap.. I mean could not wake her up she was so tired passed out! We walked around for a while and noticed the princesses were putting on a show in front of the castle. She decided to wake up long enough to get a glimpse then wanted back in the stroller. As we were walking I saw a store called "Princess Boutique." Obviously I had to go in.. and oh my goodness was Hailey in heaven! The store was awesome. They had every princess gown with all of the accessories available. Gowns, shoes, tiara's, wands.. everything! When Hailey found the Ariel gown and just hugged it grandma and grandpa couldn't resist and of course had to get it for her. She was so pretty! They even had professional pictures in the back where the little girls could get their pictures taken after getting dressed up. After being dressed as Ariel we decided it was time to go meet her! Hailey was starstruck.. I would compare it to me meeting George Clooney or Brad Pitt haha. Her eyes just lit up. I love how kids that age have no concept of fantasy and reality.. it just makes it that more magical for them.
Over the next few days we went to Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood studios and back to Magic Kingdom for the last day. Animal Kingdom was really cool too. We saw all kinds of animals that I've never seen before and learned a lot too.
One of the best days was when we decided it was too hot at the park and we had walked around enough and we should just go chill at the pool. Hailey spent most of the time in the baby pool but me and Mike wanted to go down the water slide and of course Hailey had to watch. We went down quite a few times and after watching us Hailey wanted to go as well. So we put a life jacket on her and she went down on my lap.. the lifeguard didnt say anything but he didnt look happy with me either. I didnt want to get into trouble so I had Mike take her down again haha. This time the lifeguard told us that she was not allowed to go on our laps. Soooo.. we asked Hailey if she wanted to go by herself. She was excited and said she was a "big girl" and could do it. The whole way up the stairs to the slide Mike continued asking her if she was sure.. her reply "I got this daddy." My mom, Tom and I were waiting for her at the bottom of the slide. Once again, Mike asked.. "are you sure?" "yes daddy, I got this" and there she went down the tall winding slide. The poor kid was flipping and turning all directions down that slide and finally came rushing to us head first. My motherly instinct should have told me to grab her and comfort her.. but no.. I laughed hysterically and typing this I am laughing again. It may not be so funny when you're reading this.. but I promise you, it was absolutely hilarious in person. If we can't laugh at our kids and ourselves who can we laugh at right??
One of the nights we came back from the park early because we had a dinner date with the princesses! It was at the Grand Floridian, which is a gorgeous hotel at Disney. We ate a great dinner and met Cinderella and her step sisters and step mother.. Hailey did NOT like the step mother.. she played the part well. She wouldn't crack a smile or be friendly at all.
So the last day we had breakfast with Mickey and friends. That was another highlight. Every main Disney character was there and came to every table to take pictures and they were just fun and acted silly which had Hailey giggling the whole time. That night we were back at Magic Kingdom and Hailey got to meet all of the fairies including Tinkerbell. She LOVES Tinkerbell. Right before the fireworks started Tink flew from the castle into the sky.. and a month later she still looks in the sky for her.
I have been on a lot of great vacations and have appreciated and had fun on each and every one of them.. but this one tops it for me. I've realized that it does not get any better than seeing such happiness and magic in a child's eyes. We are so thankful for my mom and Tom for taking us on this trip.. its something hopefully Hailey remembers forever!


  1. I'm so glad you have gotten to share such a magical experience with your family! Enjoy every little thing you can and Hailey will def remember it all! I can't wait to take my kids this Sept! =)


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