Sunday, March 20, 2011


Wow.. I can't believe I haven't written since October.. I guess I skipped right over the holidays and kept on going. We have a lot of changes in the next several weeks.. exciting but scary! Hailey is excited about being a big sister.. she wasn't thrilled when she found out she was having a brother.. but she is happy now and told me that she doesn't like boys because they are yucky but she still loves Tristan :)
This pregnancy is definitely different than my first.. and I dont like it! Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be pregnant and wouldn't change it for anything.. but does it have to be so difficult!? Mike did give me props the other day though, he told me the first time I complained long before 30 weeks so I guess Im doing good at hiding it :) Another exciting thing happening in our life is that we bought a house! We are so happy! Its bittersweet knowing that we are setting for sure in Maryland and there is no chance moving home to Ohio... but we also know that this is right for us and for our family that we are creating. The house is perfect for us. Has a great yard which is not easy at all to find here. Funny that everything we looked at in a house revolved around what would be best for the kids. The yard, a place to play, their bedrooms, the school district... sure is true that everything changes once you have kiddos.. it ALL revolves around them! Its a comfy home that doesnt need any fixing up except cosmetic things that we want to change to make it "ours" and Im looking forward to those projects! I'll definitely keep on track with this blog from now on.. I dont want to forget any of these moments.. I like going back and reading for myself to remember the little things. Hope everyone is enjoying their first day of spring!

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