Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hailey is 2!

Welcome back! The past few weeks have been great! We had visits from friends and family and it has been wonderful to see people from home. Hailey's birthday was August 10th and she turned the big 2:) In case anyone was wondering.. the terrible twos actually started about 6 months or so ago! The following weekend we had family and friends in town to help us celebrate. We held her birthday at a park and it she had so much fun.. and got waaay too many gifts, but she appreciated them all! Although the party was fun, the best part was having family here with us. I love seeing family but it makes me miss home so much more. The past few weeks we were realizing that summer was coming to an end and that we'd better make the most of it. We have been going to the beach a couple of times a week ( i know, I live a hard life!) We have also been going to the park and playing with her 4 wheeler she got for her birthday. I have said this at every stage Hailey has gone through, but this is the best so far! She is so much fun and makes us laugh constantly! Some of the things she does and says are so witty, I wonder where she gets it from??? Hailey also started gymnastics, which she is so good at! I was very impressed that such a little girl could be so strong. She walks across the beam like she has done it a million times and she can swing on the bars just like a little monkey. Last week we were even lucky enough for my mom and step dad to visit for the long weekend. It was a last minute surprise. We got to stay in Solomons Island with them and just had a little vacation for the weekend. It was much needed! We did the whole "vacation" thing, went swimming, ate way too much food.. the usual:) Everything is pretty boring around here otherwise.. I take that back.. a moment with Hailey is never boring!

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