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Catching up

So I've decided to start a blog. I thought that this would be a good idea considering we don't get to see our friends and family often and this is a way for those of you who want to can stay in touch with our everyday lives. I'll start from last summer. In May of 2008 Mike was medically discharged from the Marines after 11 years. We then moved from North Carolina back home to Ohio. It really wasn't a "move" more or less a 3 month vacation visiting with family. I have to say that was and probably always will be one of my favorite summers ever! No work, all play! It was great for the grandparents to spend so much time with Hailey! Mike was offered a job in Maryland so we packed up and headed east again. The location was perfect for him because he was already working part time here at an airport. (you'll hear more about this later) Mike started his job in mid August and has been enjoying it for the most part. Since we've been here we have made some good friends from his work and from the airport. We have visited DC a couple of times which was neat for Mike because he had never been there before. We really like to visit Baltimore, love the harbor and its different from other cities I've been to. Its very clean and things are always going on.
In the spring Mike did an airshow at Cherry Point North Carolina. It was fun for us to go back to where we had lived and see some of our best friends. I loved loved loved the airshow! I was so proud of him when I saw Art flying the plane and there were people cheering! I know how hard their team is working on this and its so cool to actually see the harrier performing. I was a very proud wife that day! After the airshow Mike went on a short deployment on the USS George Bush... this was the first time the ship had gone out so that was exciting for him as well. While he was there Hailey and I headed to the Outer Banks to vacation with Mikes parents and grandparents. We had a great time!
As for right now we are just enjoying summer and planning Hailey's 2nd birthday! I cant believe my baby is going to be 2 years old!!! What a big girl she is. She is learning her shapes and colors and can even count to 10! Maybe all kids can do this but Im her mom so I like to believe that she is the smartest and the best :) She enjoys singing her abc's and twinkle twinkle little star is her favorite. I have so much I could say about her but I'll leave it to a minimum for now. We will be back shortly!


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